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  The South Fork of the Two Medicine River runs through the entire length of the property with approximately 2-1/2 miles of river with private access.  The native fish is cut throat trout and it is protected.  You can have a wonderful time practicing your small stream fly fishing techniques, but the fish must be released.  Most of the cut throat trout run 10"-12" with an occasional 15" or 16" fish as you learn the river.
  The lakes on the Blackfeet Reservation provide world class Rainbow Trout fishing.  Most of the fishing is done from float tubes using wet flies.  The fish run from 3 to 10 lbs.  Some of the lakes are difficult to reach without 4 wheel drive depending upon the time of the year and weather conditions.  Most of the lakes can be reached in an hour's drive from Rising Wolf.  You can find 10 or 12 Web sites with loads of information about fishing the reservation on the Internet.  Try Blackfeet Reservation Fishing for more information.
The waters surrounding the park also have excellent fly fishing, and Glacier Park has many beautiful lakes and streams that contain beautiful cut throat brook and rainbow trout.  These are high mountain areas and require some effort to reach.  The country along the way is beautiful and the park does not require a fishing license.
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